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About Us

Epoxy Resin Specialists

Ace Epoxy Designs specialises provides epoxy resin solutions for flooring, worktops, garages and industrial spaces; Businesses and households thrive with our elegant coverings products! Over the past decade, epoxy has become a popular choice for households and businesses. Epoxy's popularity is of no surprise! Fitting epoxy is vastly more affordable and less disruptive than traditional flooring; whilst traditional flooring may take a matter of weeks to install, epoxy only takes a matter of days. Furthermore, once installed, epoxy is far easy to maintain and lasts for several years; it doesn't react with chemicals, meaning it can be wiped down with your standard cleaning products. On the off chance that your epoxy surface does require upkeep, you can simply call out someone to service it or buy a standard epoxy repair kit! In addition to its simple installation and upkeep, epoxy looks better and is far more durable than traditional flooring. It's non-slip capabilities make it the go-to flooring choice for businesses, families with small children and those suffering with mobility issues.


Your Questions Answered

Why Choose Epoxy?

As well as being aesthetically-stunning, Epoxy is durable and long-lasting. Once cured, an epoxy resin floor or worktop should last for several years! Furthermore, unlike traditional flooring, installing epoxy is a fast and non-disruptive affair. Epoxy's versatility means it can installed in just about any space, design or shape. Whilst traditional flooring can take weeks to install, epoxy can be installed in a matter of days. Epoxy flooring is significantly safer than alternative flooring options. Epoxy is stable, non-slip and doesn't react with chemicals. This makes epoxy the go-to flooring choice for families with young children and those with mobility difficulties.

What businesses would benefit from Epoxy?

Epoxy resign is graphically stunning, easy to maintain, and highly durable; because of this it's the go-to choice for numerous businesses. These include, but aren't limited to:
Pubs and Night Clubs
Wine Bars
Take-Away Outlets
Milk Shake Shacks
Beauty Salons
Hair Dressing Salons
Barber Shops
Medical Venues
Outdoor Seating Areas
Mechanic Garages
Car Sale Showrooms
Bathroom and Kitchen Showrooms

What sets us apart?

Fully trained in epoxy resin solutions, Ace Epoxy Designs ensures a professional, cost-effective and friendly service. Sourcing directly from the leading manufactures in the USA, our expert, non-disruptive epoxy resin installation ensures total customer satisfaction and complete piece of mind. Furthermore, at Ace Epoxy Designs, we utilise ground-breaking CAD design software; this immersive design technology allows clients to view their epoxy floor before they buy.

Can you provide in house logo design?

Yes! At Ace Epoxy Designs, our team of in house logo designers can create business logo's that are shown under our high gloss top coat; i.e. football club badges and rugby club badges can all be applied but also protected!

How much does epoxy resin cost?

All our epoxy services are bespoke and tailored to the clients' requirements. For a free, no-obligation quote, simply get in touch today. Our team will be on hand to provide an accurate quote and assist with your enquiry.

Which areas do you cater for?

At Ace Epoxy Designs, we cater for households and businesses across the UK and beyond! We are happy to travel to any location.

How can I book?

For booking enquiries, simply get in touch with a member of the Ace Epoxy Designs Customer Services Team today. Our team of industry experts will be on hand to assist with your enquiry.

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